Молекулярная гастрономия для креативных шеф-поваров (англ. язык) - страница 46

Молекулярная гастрономия для креативных шеф-поваров (англ. язык)

done by cutting the cylinder with a specific tool.

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III.4.4.2. Results:

See pictures of the results in Appendix 1

The solution flows with difficulty into the stamp and some air bubbles remain in the gel.

III.4.4.3. Discussion/ Interpretation:

The use of the agar-agar and the other similar gelling agents does not give satisfactory results

because the solution isn’t translucent, which is useless for a waves guide.

Furthermore, the cylinder made this way is too irregular. Finally, the size is still too big to be used

in a dish.

The restaurant uses very concentrated gels of gelatine for a cheeseboard: a solution of gelatine

made of 50 leaves in 1.5 l of water (the final gelatine concentration of the solution is 200 g/l) is put in a

glass (champagne glass). It gives a translucent solid on which some cheese is put. The manufacture of

the gelatine is already mastered by the team of the restaurant. New tests are realized on the basis of this


III.4.5. Realize a gel with a solution of gelatine at 200 g/l :

III.4.5.1. Material and method :

· Stamps in stainless steel with parallelepipedal shape (14 x 14 x 70 mm).

· Water

· Gelatine supplied by Louis Francois.

· Food colouring agents.

· Plastic tubs

· Plastic straw (diameter of 0,7 cm)

1. Pour some solution of gelatine in the stamp (vertical) to make a waterproof film at the bottom.

2. Put a straw at the bottom of the gelatine film and stick it vertically.

3. Fill the stamp with the remaining gelatine.

4. Place the mould in the fridge the time to make the gelatine take in gel.

5. Turn the gelatine guide out of the mould by means of some warm water poured on the outside of the


III.4.5.2. Results:

Figure 15 : Gelatine at 200g/l

Figure 14 : 2nd test

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Figure 16 : Samples of waves guides.

Figure 17 : Final result

Figure 18 : Same result at t+48h

The gel sets and has a solid consistency. It is translucent and the light penetrate this is not a "

wave guide".

III.4.5.3. Discussion/Interpretation :

The gel made with a solution of 200 g/l is very sticky. It has a very firm texture and is translucent,

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