Молекулярная гастрономия для креативных шеф-поваров (англ. язык) - страница 47

Молекулярная гастрономия для креативных шеф-поваров (англ. язык)

which is appreciated by the Chef.

The technique with a metallic stamp and a solution of gelatine at 20 % is technically used by the

team of the restaurant. It is then easy to put into practice.

The gel is difficult to turn out of the mould. The use of hot water helps but weakens by melting the

surface of the gel. We obtained better results with a thinner straw (5 mm of diameter), giving a thicker

border of gel.

These cylinders can be used in a dish with an eatable candle They have to be well placed, away

enough not to melt (at 4 or 5 cm from the candle light. Although, this dish has to be served quite quickly, it

can’t be prepared in advance (do not exceed 20 min on average).

III.4.6. Gel of lemon with effervescent powder inside.

III.4.6.1. Objective:

We would like to get an aesthetic gel (looking like a “wave guide”) in which we would pour a

mixture of effervescent powder in order to create a candy with a foaming effect.

This experiment is to be put in correlation with the technical index card n°9 on effervescent


18 / 63

III.4.6.2. Material and method:

· 250 g of lemon juice.

· 50 g of gelatine (to get a solution at 200 g/l).

· 50 g of sugar.

· Mixture of effervescent powder (Cf. N°10).

1. The tubes of gelatine are made in the same way than in III.4.5.1. We realize sizes of gelatine as in

the technology n°5, but this time a juice of lemon is replacing the water.

2. In the hole made with the straw, put some effervescent powder.

3. Serve immediately.

III.4.6.3. Results:

The translucent gel sets and gives a slightly acid and lemony taste. This attempt is appreciated

by the Chef.

III.4.6.4. Discussion/Interpretation :

The taste of the lemon gelatine is pleasant, slighty acid but not intense enough. Also, the

effervescent powder reacts once in contact with the gel (Cf. N°10). The effervescence is visible after 4

seconds, and disappears in foam within 2 min. To the taste point of view, the result is satisfactory by not

enough to be the main element of a recipe.

III.4.7. Conclusion :

The making of “ wave guides” with any tasty aqueous solution is feasible by the restaurant team.

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