Молекулярная гастрономия для креативных шеф-поваров (англ. язык) - страница 58

Молекулярная гастрономия для креативных шеф-поваров (англ. язык)

and vinegar.

III.8.3.1. Material:

· Tap water

· A soupspoon of white and neutral vinegar for 100 mL of water

· Food colouring agent of various colours.

· A large glass.

III.8.3.2. Method :

1. Make ice cubes using tap water, and some ice cubes using tap water and vinegar (a soupspoon of

vinegar for 100 ml of tap water). Add some drops of food colouring agent.

2. Put ice cubes in the deep freeze at very low temperature, and place there also glasses.

3. Heat some water with some drops of a different food colouring agent

4. Put one ice cube in a frozen glass and then, pout the warm water on the top.

5. Look at the created smoke, its consistency, its colour…

III.8.3.3. Results:

The quantity of smoke that we can see is small and the created mist looks more like steam than

smoke; it has no colour. Also, the smoke doesn’t spead along the glass.

III.8.3.4. Discussion/ Interpretation:

Some smoke gets free during the first 5 seconds, but it clears very fast. The ice cube melts (in

several minutes), without making any smoke.

A new test is made, with the same protocol as given by the recipe.

III.8.4. Test with the recipe

III.8.4.1. Material:

· 400 mL of white stock, reduced in half.

· 2 soft-boiled eggs.

· 100 mL of single cream.

· 1 spoon of vinegar.

· 1 red sweet pepper.

· Salt and pepper.

III.8.4.2. Method:

The method is identical as the one explain in III.8.2.

III.8.4.3. Results:

This test with the use of white stock doesn’t give a significant result. There is a simple release of

smoke, which looks more like steam than a real mist. The ice cube take several minutes to get melted.

28 / 63

III.8.4.4. Discussion/ Interpretation:

The air around the glass is cold and the smoke is hot (close to 100°C°). To spread the smoke

along the glass, the gas has to be denser than the air.

The difference of ingredients doesn’t seem to have any influence on the result.

The intended effects of smoke look like smokes done with liquid nitrogen or dry ice. We suggest

realizing similar tests by using some liquid nitrogen and some dry ice to compare visually the obtained

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