Молекулярная гастрономия для креативных шеф-поваров (англ. язык) - страница 73

Молекулярная гастрономия для креативных шеф-поваров (англ. язык)

The taste of fish soup can be due to the presence of some flesh on fish bones. The flesh is

indeed decomposed by the vinegar, but a certain quantity stays on fish bones.

This experiment does not reveal the particular savours given by some sapid molecule expected

to be present on the fish bones. However, this can be due to an excess of fish flesh or a lack of fish


III.14.6. Conclusion:

This experiment did not give significant results, we can’t know if some sapid molecules are

present in fish bones and if they can play a role in kitchen. Nevertheless, the experiment has to be done

again with more precisions.




III.15. Meat or fish millefeuilles.

III.15.1. Objective:

H. This proposed to P. Gagnaire to realize a “millefeuilles” with raw meat in order to make like an

artificial ham (with many layers of fat and meat). The use of a tasty fat would give taste to the meat, and a

special consistency, thus filling a new programme on organization of the food space.

III.15.2. Introduction:

We realized a « millefeuilles » from meat by with thin sheets of meat intertwined with some tasty

fat. The way of slicing it can be done in various directions.

III.15.3. First attempt in the Iberian palette.

III.15.3.1. Material:

· A piece of Iberian ham (circa 150 g).

· A sheet of greaseproof paper (40 cm x 60 cm).

· A rolling pin.

· 30 g of flavourful clarified butter.

40 / 63

· An electric chopper (graduation of 0,5mm; Precision 0,1 mm).

III.15.3.2. Method:

1. Cut very thin slices of meat (here thickness between 0.4 and 0.5 mm).

2. On a sheet of greaseproof paper, put the thin slices of meat.

3. Brush the sheet of greaseproof paper with some clarified butter.

4. Fold the meat in three in the length.

5. Repeat the steps 3 and 4 as much as possible to obtain as many sheets as possible. To fix the

different layers together, it is possible to roll them.

6. Slice the “millefeuilles” and serve.

III.15.3.3. Results:

The consistency of the slices looks like the texture of a sausage. From a taste point of view, the

taste of the butter is not present enough to reduce the taste of the meat. We wish to give some taste to

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