Молекулярная гастрономия для креативных шеф-поваров (англ. язык) - страница 79

Молекулярная гастрономия для креативных шеф-поваров (англ. язык)

Gagnaire cites my participation (appendix X).

Figure 34 : lemon foam whisking

Figure 35 : Lemon foam after 2 hours in the fridge

Figure 36 : A quenelle of lemon foam.

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III.16.5. Highly seasoned foam:

III.16.5.1. Objective:

We would like to obtain jellified foams that we can cut into different shapes. Here, we try to get

salted jellified foam with the taste of hot pepper. As a matter of fact, gelatine and foam lower taste. The

idea is to temper a hot and spicy taste, such as hot pepper, by the mean of jellified foam.

III.16.5.2. Materials and method:

• 1 dried hot pepper (10 g are infused in 500 g of boiling water).

• 200 g of the hot peppers infusion, filtered in a conical strainer.

• 5 g of gelatine,

• 2 pinches of salt

The protocol is the same as in the previous experiments.

III.16.5.3. Results:

With 200 ml of water with 5g of gelatine (solution at 2.5 % of gelatine), the mixture allows to make

about 1.5 l of jellified foam after whisking 25 min (on ice). This foam is not enough firm and some bubbles

(their size can reach 4 mm of diameter) can appear when you stop whisking.

III.16.5.4. Calculations: use of the formalism of dispersed systems.

III. Bubbles of the jellified foam:

Let Vi be the initial volume of the solution that is used to make the foam.

Let Vf be the final volume of the foam.

The size of a bubble in foam (made with a fork) is by hypothesis, equal to 10-4 in 10-5 m of


Let Sb be the surface of a bubble (in foam):

Sb = 4 p r 2

Let Vb be the average volume of a bubble:

Vb = 4


p r 4

Let Nb be the average number of bubbles in Vb:

Nb = 3 (Vf - Vi)

4 p r 4

Numerical application for our example:

Vi = 0,2 L = 2.10-4 m3.

Vf = 1,56 L = 1,56.10-3 m3.

r = 5.10-5 m.

Nb = 51.6 1012.

III. The fibres of collagen:

The collagen is a protein from cartilaginous and muscular tissues. In muscular tissues, the

collagen represents between 20 and 25 % of the total proteins.

The collagen is made of a triple peptidique chain, among which each possesses a helical

structure and form a triple helix by hydrogen boundings.

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