Молекулярная гастрономия для креативных шеф-поваров (англ. язык) - страница 88

Молекулярная гастрономия для креативных шеф-поваров (англ. язык)

(1.8ng of gelatin in 20 g of water is a solution of approximately 20 % of gelatine). Only the taste of the

butter is indeed felt. Other classic mayonnaises (with eggs and oil) are firmer, but with the recipe of

Kientzheim the Chef can make an emulsion with cooking fats, which are tasty.

To avoid a taste alteration by the yolk, gelatine or white egg can be used. These ingredients,

tasteless, give good results and don’t interfere with the taste of the fat, used into the emulsion. The

results obtained with some gelatine or with the egg white are similar but the interest of working with egg

white is that egg white start to foam at the beginning of the emulsion. This particularity permits to make

the dispersion of the fat phase easier.

III.18.5. Find the quantity of proteins to be incorporated into the aqueous phase to make

a success of the emulsion:

III.18.5.1. Material:

· A whip with very fine sticks (0,7 mm in diameter).

· A container (20 cm of diameter).

· Cold room (brand Dagar) with constant T°C 2°C; precision 2°C.

· Some unsalted butter.

· Water

· Gelatine

· Salt

Figure 46: Material to build up an

emulsion with gelatine

Figure 47: Material to build up

an emulsion with an egg white

Figure 49: Emulsion with

an egg white (20g), final result.

Figure 48: Emulsion with

gelatine (solution 20 %), final result.

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III.18.5.2. Method:

1. The same procedure as previously is used; the experiments were realized with different solutions of

gelatine, respectively 10 %, 8 %, 7 %, 6 % and 5 % (w/w).

2. We measured the maximum quantity of butter, which can be incorporated into the solution of gelatine,

giving a good setting of the emulsion.

III.18.5.3. Results:

With a solution of 10 % of gelatine, the mixture sets, but it congeals when it is put in the fridge.

Also some lumps appear when we whip it again. The emulsion, made with this solution possesses the

same characteristics than the emulsion with a solution of 20 % of gelatine.

With a solution of 5 % of gelatine, the mixture doesn’t set. (3 tests)

With a solution of 8 % of gelatine, the mixture sets with a good texture, and is very firm. (We can

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