Молекулярная гастрономия для креативных шеф-поваров (англ. язык) - страница 89

Молекулярная гастрономия для креативных шеф-поваров (англ. язык)

turn the bowl upside down and the mixture doesn’t fall)

Figure 50: At the beginning of emulsion, the mix is

slightly liquid. (M 1)

Figure 51: The mix becomes harder and lighter. (M 2)

Figure 52: The mix goes pale, it becomes smooth and

homogeneous. (M 4)

Figure 53: The mix is white, it is smoother and more

flexible, but still firm. (M 6)

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The table of data of the emulsion with 8 % of gelatine with some clarified butter is in Appendix 15.

With a solution of 7%, the mixture sets,

III.18.5.4. Discussion/ Interpretation:

Once set, this emulsion is very stable, and it is showed that a big quantity of clarified butter can

be added. The mixture hardens once put in the fridge (note that it is necessary to use a solution of

gelatine, cooled at room temperature and not in the fridge).

The use of gelatine doesn’t induce texture changes of the mayonnaise. Indeed, the initial texture

of mayonnaise is easily obtained after whisking the mixture back at room temperature.

Figures 55 & 56: Emulsion with gelatine after a stay in the fridge.

Figure 57: Emulsion with gelatine, back at room temperature and whisked.

III.18.6. Conclusion:

An emulsion of any fat, done with either an egg white or a solution of gelatine, is much more tasty

(in terms of that taste of the fat used) than a traditional mayonnaise, using a yolk. This technique is easy

to realize, because the tools and the way of doing it are similar to a classical mayonnaise. Also, it takes

about a quarter of an hour to prepare it, and it can be done in advance and stored in the fridge. In the

case of the butter, only its structure is modified, but it keeps all its properties, and then, it can be stored as

a classic butter.

III.18.7. Other suggestions, openings, ideas, applications of the technology:

We can also use a tasty aqueous phase in order to disperse the gelatine, instead of water as used

in these experiments.




Figure 54: Final result (M 10), it is very white, smooth, and


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III.19. Meringues with egg white powder:

III.19.1. Objective:

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