Moscow Döner Forum 2019 - Форум российских и турецкий рестораторов


Расписание мероприятий

Moscow Döner Forum 2019 - Форум российских и турецкий рестораторов
Место проведения: Park Inn by Radisson Odintsovo Moscow 4*
Лектор: Турецкие бизнесмены и экспаерты
Стоимость: Онлайн оплата - 50000 р.
Безналичная оплата - 50000 р.
Дата мероприятия: 10.10.2019 - 11.10.2019 10:30:00
Время: 10:30-18:30
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Kenetchi International (Turkey) in cooperation with Food Russia (RF)

First Russian-Turkey Döner Forum. Moscow 15-17 October 2019

Holiday Inn Moscow Odintsovo

Technology section

Central kitchen facility – latest technological trends. Multi-dishes production

Central kitchen facility improves productivity in the food-service industry, to pursue scale-merit by aggregation of tasks in multiple stores into one place.

However, the central kitchen is still labor intensive production environment because of trade-off between quality and quantity of products, so that the handicraft of skilled workers cannot be eliminated. In addition, there are many part-time workers as well as full-time ones, as a result, operators can be also uncertain factors.

New innovative techniques, fully-automated process of food converting and packaging mostly solves the problem of labor. The speechmaker explains how to archive both optimality and adaptability to the complexity in central kitchen facility introducing the successful cases of running commercial kitchens in Turkey, Russia, Germany, Israel. The focus will be taken on following technologies:

- Cook&chill, Cook&Freeze

- Sous-vide/CapKold

- Retort/Ultra pasteurizing

- Cook&Hold in thermoboxes

- Stir fry and deep frying in oil

Fedor Sokiryanskiy, FoodRussia founder


Business section

Online Delivery Service – modern approach in chain development

The online food delivery service (OFD) – is an emerging new wave in Turkish Republic. Not just restricted to the take-away and eating out, online food ordering is the new eating out. The emergence of the online food delivery services could be attributed to the changing nature of urban consumers. Online food delivery based on online aggregator platforms develop in a very rapid way science various reason:

- perceived ease of use,

- time saving orientation,

- convenience motivation,

- privacy and security

- new food behavior of Z-generation

There is a huge food delivery market in Turkey. Today ordering food from restaurant or Food Service Aggregator is same routine as preparing the meal himself, going to the restaurant and dining in or going to the restaurant and buying food to bring back to the office or home. Food delivery services have totally changed Turkish consumer.

The speechmaker will observe the success stories in:

- rapid business growth from small start up

- ensuring higher employee productivity

- delivering order accuracy

- building important customers database

- cash back programs

He will also share the experience of pushing breakfast sales, traditional deserts, eastern fast foods.


Business section

Project planning issues: how to run an effective timeline

Kaan Surmeli – Kenetchi International founder

Restaurant chain managers are responsible for the daily operations of every POS (points of sale) that prepares and serves meals and beverages to customers. Strong planning skills, especially coordinating with the various departments (kitchen, dining halls, banquet operations, food service managers, vendors providing the supplies) ensure that customers are satisfied with their dining experience. Scheduling in many aspects, not only the staff but also the timing of the food service deliveries, is critical in meeting customer expectations.

Financial knowledge is needed for the soundness of running the restaurant, especially tracking special projects, events, and costs for the various menu selections.

Planning is the key for successful implementation. Managers or executive chefs need to estimate food needs, place orders with distributors, and schedule the delivery of fresh food and supplies. They also plan for routine services (equipment maintenance, pest control, waste removal) and deliveries, including linen services or the heavy cleaning of dining rooms or kitchen equipment, to occur during slow times or when the dining room is closed. A successful restaurant relies on many skills that the project management profession emphasizes.

The speaker will present the concrete and simple tools to create an effective timeline of any food project in MS Excel. He explains how to run every stage of new project:

- Write a project scope statement

- Create a work breakdown structure (WBS)

- Break each work package into tasks

- Determine project dependencies

- Determine total time needed for each task

- Identify resource availability

- Identify important milestones

- Build your project management timeline


Technology section

Döner Kebab&Pide production – how to run a central workshop

The speaker with more than 30-years start-up experience will consult the auditorium how to run the small workshop or even big meat converting production of:

Döner kebab from veal, minced meat, beef or chicken. Will demonstrate photo and video of technological process of making:

• Iskender Kebab (Iskander Kebab)

• Minced meat Döner Kebab (Lamb Döner Kebab-Beef Döner Kebab)

• Sliced red meat Döner Kebab

• Mix Döner Kebab

• Chicken Döner Kebab

• Cag Kebab

• Adana Kebab

• Urfa Kebab

• Beyti Kebab

• Firinda Kebab

• Shish Kebab

• Tantuni

The most famous Turkish Pide assortments (Turkish pizza)

• Kiymaki Pide

• Kusbabsili Pide

• Karisik Pide

• Kasarli sucuklu Pide

• Ispanaklı,kıymalı, kasarlı, yumurtalı harman Pide

• Lahmacun

• Etli Pide

Some Kebab bread assortments:

• Tirnakli Pide (Pita)

• Tombik Bread

• Yufka Bread

• Sarma

• Dürüm

• Lavash


Business section

Döner Kebab House – innovative and cost effective equipment

With more than 25 years experience in operating Döner kebab houses the speechmaker will introduce a brief overview of most innovative Turkish producers of cookware, kitchenware and machinery for this segment of fast food. The speaker will introduce most innovative Turkish equipment to start the Döner kebab house such as:

- Infra red grills

- Induction cooking

- Digital tea brewers automats

- Hot chocolate warmers

- Döner cutting robots

- Multy-level salamander grills

- Potato warmers

- Onion choppers

- Juice and ayran coolers

- Panini grills

- Deep fryers with oil filter system

- Pie warmers

- Hot dog, waffle cookers


Technology section

Packaging: in house, to go, take away, delivery sets

Turkey – is one of the leading countries in the world in packaging production. The complexity of packaging has increased during the last years. Today, no restaurant chain can manage this process without the right technology and the right workflow plan. A well organize program can simplify the packing process and ensure everything runs efficiently.

In the era of social media, mistakes are no longer local problems; everyone in the world could see and share when things went wrong. Packaging must always be of good quality and ensure brand identity, wherever the package is produced. We will discuss the main functions of modern packaging as:

- To preserve and protect the product

- To transport the product

- To make the product more attractive for the client

- To publish the brand

- To identify the product from other

The speaker – top manager of one of the biggest packaging producers will demonstrate the newest functions of plastic packaging. Today’s Turkish packaging solutions allow not only food delivery or food display – but also food cooking in CPET trays, multi-layer pouches and special foil boxes.


Business section

Döner Kebab Grill House Chain – Objective problems of chain growth and the ways to solve them

The speechmaker – CEO of one of the biggest restaurant chains in Turkey tells about main “diseases of growth” in Döner Kebab Grill House business. The speaker will discuss with the attendants the following topics:

- Labor recruitment, verification of personnel in big chain

- Quality control in house and in central kitchen facility

- Logistics problems and supply system design

- Standardization of processes in management company and head office

- IT-architecture of the chain: problems and decisions

- Consumer Satisfaction stratagies

- Franchising – from startup kit to first franchisee run


Technology section

Chilled semi-ready products as a main concept of modern restaurant business

Muharrem Demir – international food expert, co-founder of Apack Group

- HACCP in food production – as a general tool to provide the food safety

- M.A.P. – basics. Types of tray sealers. Gas flash and vacuum gas technologies. Types of barrier polymer materials – films and trays.

- Integrating of M.A.P. machinery with dozing and labeling systems

- M.A.P.&cook technologies – the use of CPET trays at housekeeping

- M.A.P.&freeze technology. 6 months shelf life + 10 days after defrost

- M.A.P.&hold technology – the newest innovations of anti-chilling technologies keeping foods hot for 6 days

- Thermoforming and vacuum forming packaging – using practice

- Best market cases in Turkey and abroad


Онлайн оплата - 50000 рублей
Безналичная оплата - 50000 рублей

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