Молекулярная гастрономия для креативных шеф-поваров (англ. язык) - страница 237

Молекулярная гастрономия для креативных шеф-поваров (англ. язык)

aqueous solution), and S for solid; we use also “operators”, such as “/”, for “dispersed into”, “+” for

“dispersed in the same phase as”, E for “at the centre of”, and s for “lying over”.

The following table now indicates the “formulas” of dishes, along with their name:

Line dispersed into


gas, G liquid, L (O or W) solid, S

gas, G Gas liquid aerosol

O/G or W/G

solid aerosol


liquid L (O or W) foam

G/O or G/W


O/W or W/O


S/O or S/W

solid, S solid foam



O/S or W/S

solid suspension


Table 2. The simplest disperse systems as described by the CDS formalism.


What’s the use of such formalism? Is cooking being transformed into calculus?

In this section, we shall see first that the so called “CDS formalism” (complex disperse systems

formalism) can be useful to understand cooking, and, consequently, to make it.

Look, for example, at the full list of classical French sauces, are given by the Repertoire general de la


“Fonds brun, Fonds blanc, Fonds de volaille, Fonds de gibier, Fonds, ou fumet de poisson, Fonds de

poisson au vin rouge, Essence de poisson, Essences diverses, Glaces diverses, Glace de viande,

Glace de volaille, Glace de gibier, Glace de poisson, Roux brun, Roux blond, Roux blanc, Sauce

espagnole, Sauce espagnole maigre, Sauce demi-glace, Jus de veau lie, Veloute, ou sauce blanche

grasse, Veloute de volaille, Veloute de poisson, Sauce parisienne, Sauce supreme, Sauce bechamel,

Petites sauces brunes composees, Sauce bigarade, Sauce bordelaise, Sauce bourguignonne, Sauce

bretonne, Sauce aux cerises, Sauce aux champignons, Sauce charcutiere, Sauce chasseur, Sauce

I - 10 (of 17)

chaud-froid brune, Sauce chaud-froid pour canards, Sauce chaud-froid pour gibier, Sauce chaud-froid

tomatee, Sauce chevreuil, Sauce Colbert, Sauce diable, Sauce Diane, Sauce duxelles, Sauce

estragon, Sauce financiere, Sauce aux fines herbes, Sauce genevoise, Sauce Godart,Sauce grandveneur,

Sauce gratin, Sauce hachee, Sauce hachee maigre, Sauce hussarde, Sauce italienne, Jus lie

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