Молекулярная гастрономия для креативных шеф-поваров (англ. язык) - страница 239

Молекулярная гастрономия для креативных шеф-поваров (англ. язык)

villageoise, Sauce Villeroy, Sauce Villeroy soubisee, Sauce Villeroy tomatee, Sauce vin blanc, Sauces

anglaises chaudes, Sauce aux airelles, Sauce Albert, Sauce aux aromates, Sauces au beurre a

l’anglaise, Sauce aux capres, Sauce au celeri, Sauce au chevreuil, Sauce creme a l’anglaiise, , Sauce

crevettes a l’anglaise, Sauce diable, Sauce ecossaise, Sauce au fenouil, Sauce aux groseilles, Sauce

homard a l’anglaise, Sauce aux huitres, Sauce brune aux huitres, Sauce aux oeufs a l’anglaise,

Sauce aux oeufs au beurre fondu, Sauce aux oignons, Sauce au pain, Sauce au pain frit, Sauce

persil, Sauce persil pour poissons, Sauce aux pommes, Sauce au Porto, Sauce au raifort chaude,

Sauce Reforme, Sauce sauge et oignons, Sauce Yorkshire, Sauces froides, Sauce aioli, ou Beurre de

Provence, Sauce andalouse, Sauce bohemienne, Sauce Chantilly, Sauce genoise, Sauce gribiche;,

Sauc groseille au raifort, Sauce italienne, Sauce mayonnaiqe, Sauce mayonnaise collee, Sauce

mayonnaise fouettee, a la Russe, Sauces mayonnaises diverses, Sauce mousquetaire, Sauce

moutarde a la creme, Sauce raifort aux noix, Sauce ravigote, ou Vinaigrette, Sauce remoulade, Sauce

russe, Sauce tartare, Sauce verte, Sauce Vincent, Sauce suedoise, Sauces froides anglaises, Sauce

Cambridge, Sauce Cumberland, Sauce Gloucester, Sauce menthe, Sauce Oxford, Sauce raifort ».

How to deal with such a variety? Physical chemistry gives a possibility. Let’s recognize first that some

of these sauces are solutions, i.e. made of water with various molecules dissolved. The case occurs in

jus, demi-glaces…

Some other sauces are more complex, such as mayonnaise which is, as we have seen, an emulsion,

made of tiny oil droplets dispersed in water. And so on.

We now see clearly that the CDS formalism can be used to describe sauces. Indeed the work is

finished since August 2004, and the result is now there: there exist only 23 categories of classical


The list is:

W, O, W/S, O/W, S/W, (O+S)/W, (W/S)/W, O+(W/S), (G+O)/W, (G+O+S)/W, (O+(W/S))/W,

(S+(W/S))/W, ((W+S)/O)/S, (O+S+(W/S))/W, ((W/S)+(WES))/W, (O + (W/S)/W)/S, ((O+(W/S))/W)/S,

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