Молекулярная гастрономия для креативных шеф-поваров (англ. язык) - страница 56

Молекулярная гастрономия для креативных шеф-поваров (англ. язык)

like tears than balls.

III.7.3.4. Discussion/Interpretation:

Here, the solution is constituted by a puree of melon, which thus has some pulp. A new test is

then realized with only a juice of melon.

III.7.4. New test with of melon juice:

III.7.4.1. Material and method:

Same material and method, where the puree of melon is replaced bu a juice of melon.

III.7.4.3. Results:

We get a better texture and a better shape of the pearls.

III.7.4.4. Discussion/ Interpretation:

Such pearls can be used in the restaurant without any problem, with any type of juice, it is

however necessary to verify the viscosity of this one to obtain the ideal consistency of the pearls. The

pearls have the volume of the drops put into the solution of chloride of calcium and they are easier to form

when their height of falling is small.

It is interesting to note that these pearls are not feasible with all solution: for example, a test with

a raspberry juice did not work (acidity and calcium content of the initial solution have to be considered


III.7.5. Theorical amount of calcium alginate formed by this technique:

The calcium chloride gives an unpleasant taste to the pearls, and the rinsing must be carefully

realized to avoid a too important quantity of calcium at the surface of the pearls. A rough idea about the

quantity of calcium ingested during the consumption of our pearls can be calculated.

Let be a solution made of 1 % in weight of alginate.

Figure 26 : one structural unity of the alginate molecule.

Malginate = 50-100 000 g.mol-1.xviii

M Ca2+ = 40 g.mol-1.

Hypothesis: 100 balls of 1cm of diameter are eaten.

V100balls = 4/3 * Pr3 * 100 = 52,33 cm3

malginate = 1/100 meau. = 0,5233g = 0,5g

nalginates = m alginates /M alginates.

26 / 63

Hyp : 1 Ca for 1 alginate unity, then, n Ca = n alginate.

m Ca = n Ca*M Ca = n alginate * M Ca = m alginates /M alginates* M Ca

mCa = 4/3 * Pi*r3 / 100 *m/M ;

mCA =

p r 3 m

75 M

0,0002g < m Ca < 0,4 g of Ca2+ is eaten.

Moreover, calcium chloride can be replaced by calcium lactate, with good results and no bitter taste.

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