Молекулярная гастрономия для креативных шеф-поваров (англ. язык) - страница 90

Молекулярная гастрономия для креативных шеф-поваров (англ. язык)

Realize a flavouring meringue from a tasty juice or puree , salty or sweet.

III.19.2. Introduction:

Replace the contribution of water of the egg whites by a tasty liquid. For that purpose, it is

necessary to introduce proteins, which possess the same properties as those of the egg whites. The

white egg powder (freeze-dried white egg) used in food industries was then used and completed with a


III.19.3. Case of sweet meringues:

III.19.3.1. Material:

The recipe comes from Herve This's works about the egg white powder and fruit and vegetables


See Appendix 16: Etude sur la gastronomie moleculaire lors de la formation IUFM au lycee

hotelier d’Orchies.

· 200 g of fruits puree (here a melon puree).

· 300 g of caster sugar

· 20 g of powder of white, supplied by Louis Francois.

· 2 g of tartar cream, food additive E336, supplied by Louis Francois.

· Electric robot, brand kitchen Aid ( 10 levels of speed)

III.19.3.2. Method:

1. In a container, put the juice to be built up in meringue.

2. Mix the powder of white with its volume in sugar and the cream of tartar.

3. Start the electric whip at speed 1, (classic meringue wipping). Pour the powder slightly in the

container (the powder of white is very fine and very volatile) in order to incorporate it into the juice.

4. Once the mixture is homogeneous, (the first bubbles start to be formed and the mixture gets lighter)

put the level 5 and make a classic meringue.

5. Add the sugar when the mixture is set , always by sprinkling.

6. Beat the mixture until obtain a brilliant, smooth and firm mixture. About 12 min.

7. Make meringues by means of a piping bag and arrange them on a buttered plate.

8. Cook 1h30 in an oven ventilated at 100°C.

III.19.3.3. Results:

Cooking : 1h40 at 100°C.

III.19.3.4. Discussion/ Interpretation:

This technique gives very tasty meringues with the same texture as classic meringues.

Meringues made with melon puree have a strong and intense flavour of melon, very pronounced.

Figure 58: meringue with melon juice

and white egg powder.

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